Miami & Bahamas

Travelling is one of the best things I know. It is so wonderful to see new places. But nothing beats the feeling, when you come back home and slump to your own bed ..


Beautiful CocoCay.

Key West

I didn't know what to expect when I went to Miami. All I knew was what I had seen on TV. But Miami had it all; beautiful beaches, shops, bars and lots of sunshine. ( I truly recommend the sunscreen. I went so crazy over seeing the sun after half a year of darkness, that after sunbathing, I needed two days somebody's help just to get dressed .. :D)


  1. How cool is this! Vitsi oon kateellinen! :(

  2. OMG,
    Wish I was there...I sooooo need lay on the beach and take in some sun.

  3. Your photos are great. I wish I was there. The colour blue was present everywhere how calming.